Barre Technique - Toned Physique

The BARREtique Difference

BARREtique is an independent barre fitness business based in Hampstead, North London. Our classes are challenging and innovative – based on the BARREtique Method that combines the disciplines of Pilates, ballet, yoga, isometric exercises and core conditioning. We offer studio classes on weekdays mornings right off Hampstead High Street, Zoom classes, a video streaming library and private sessions in our studio or your home. 

Beyond being an intense full body workout, BARREtique is a community that is welcoming, supportive and most importantly – fun! We firmly believe that if you carve out an hour for yourself to exercise, that your workout should not only be highly effective but also enjoyable!

We are thrilled that many of our community have been around our barre for over a decade – but we are equally delighted to welcome new faces to our barre. We are in the process of creating our new website, so in the meantime, here you can find out more about our classes, check out our current schedule and pricing, and book a space. If you would like more information about BARREtique, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Makes BARREtique Unique?

An hour at BARREtique gives you a challenging workout to produce long, lean muscles and a more toned physique. We work arms, legs, bottoms and abdominals through mat and ballet barre based exercises. We integrate light weights, playground balls, rings, blocks and bands into the exercises to build strength, work difficult to target areas, and provide effective stretching.



The varied and precise movements are designed for results – toned legs, lifted bottom, flattened abdominals and defined arms. The method works muscle groups intensely followed by active stretching. We aim to increase strength and tone large and small muscle groups, as well as increase flexibility. Although most classes are fast paced and designed to keep your heart rate within a targeted zone, they are all non-impact. The movements are fun and unique; the environment is non-competitive. We welcome all ages and fitness levels. We value accurate form over repetitions or complex choreography.  If you have limitations, your teacher will work with you to provide modifications that allow you to exercise safely. The spirit of the class is designed to help you work just that little bit harder than you would on your own! 


Classes start with a full warm up, followed by a plank and push ups.  These full body exercises set the tone for the core engagement in our classes.  Most clients don’t join us already being planking pros – so we provide encouragement and incremental modifications to help you continue to work towards your personal best. Further arm exercises work all areas of the upper body and back – often also working the legs, core and glutes at the same time. A concentrated leg series working the calves, quadriceps and hamstrings is followed by exercises specifically targeting the bottom.  Whether standing at the barre or on the mat, these are the precise and unique the exercises that make barre so effective. We finish class as we began with concentrated abdominal exercises targeting all areas of the abdominal wall – linking deeper core muscles to more superficial abdominal exercises. Everyone is actively encouraged to work at the level that is right for them on the day. BARREtique classes finish with restorative stretching that allows your muscles to feel elongated and your posture a bit taller! 

Sarah Davey

Sarah Davey fell in love with The Lotte Berk Method from her first class! She has been an owner and teacher at BARREitque for over 15 years.  Sarah started as a dancer, who then overcame injury and illness through exercise. What started as a love for barre exercise that produced great physical results, soon became a passion for a community of (predominantly) women that provides each other with abundant joy, positive energy and laughter!  She loves working with clients of all ages to help them achieve their personal goals.  Sarah has lived in Hampstead for over 20 years with her husband, two grown children and adorable cats.

Susanna Maneschi

Susanna rarely sits still! After seven years as a passionate barre devotee, Susanna trained in the BARREtique method and has been a teacher online and in studio since 2020. She loves delivering challenging classes in her own distinct style – creating tons of energy and fun with creative sequences and playlists. She is particularly adept at adapting classes to suit each individual client’s needs whether it is experience or injury.  Susanna is an avid cook and entertainer for her lovely family and friends – and often can be found travelling to her hometown of Livorno, Italy.



4 Marty’s Yard,
off 17 Hampstead High Street,
London NW3 1QW