Class Schedule

BARREtique offers a mix of studio and Zoom classes throughout the week according to the schedule below.  For classes at our Hampstead studio, booking is essential as classes are limited to 10 students. We offer 3 Zoom classes weekly – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday – we provide you with an access code and passcode to access these classes.  To register for a studio class, or request Zoom log-in details, please use the ‘Send us a Message’ form below.      

  • 8.30 – Studio – BARREtique – Sarah
  • 9.45 – Studio – BARREtique – Sarah
  • 8.45 – Zoom – BARREtique Stretch – Susanna 
  • 9.15 – Studio – BARREtique Stretch – Sarah
  • 8.30 – Studio – Classic BARREtique – Sarah
  • 9.45 – Studio – Classic BARREtique – Sarah 
  • 8.45 – Zoom – BARREtique – Sarah
  • 9.15 – Studio – BARREtique – Susanna


  • 8.30 – Studio – BARREtique – Sarah
  • 9.45 – Studio – BARREtique – Sarah 
  • 10.00 – Zoom – Sunday BARREtique – Sarah
All BARREtique classes follow a similar format and use the same types of positioning, alignment and movement.  However there are some differences between classes.  BARREtique Stretch involves 45 minutes of fast paced and high intensity (but low impact) exercises, normally working more than one muscle group at a time. The last 15 minutes are for intensive and restorative stretching.  Classic BARREtique incorporates movements with a nod to ballet.  A graceful and challenging class. Sunday BARREtique is a unique Zoom class with 50 minutes of standard level BARREtique exercies with a relaxing 10 minutes of stretching at the end – just what you Sunday called for!


On Demand Classes

You can also join BARREtique from home or from your travels at a time convenient to you through out Vimeo video on demand system.  Vimeo access to over 60+ videos is via password and costs £15 per month.  


Personal Training with BARREtique

We think BARREtique is best when it is shared around the barre, but for a number of reasons you might want a personal class in your home or at our studio.  Many times people new to barre fitness are more comfortable learning the exercises in smaller setting. One to one sessions also allow focused work on posture and alignment. If you have an existing or new injury or limitation, a one to one session can equip you with the confidence to correctly modify group exercises safely.  Finally, BARREtique is happy to work around your schedule if our morning classes don’t fit into your schedule!  Classes can also be arranged for small groups.  Prices depend on location, timing and block booking.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and we are happy to help!


Single Studio Class  £18

Single Zoom Class £7.50

Series of 8 Studio/16 Zoom Classes £120

   *Can be used on both class types

Vimeo Subscription £15 per month